Letters for my kids to read in the future, from around the world now

Business Class on the A380







Dear George,

I mentioned a while back that I was booked on to the Airbus A380 in business class flying from Beijing to Dubai with Emirates, but realised I haven’t written about it. For a plane geek like me it was Incredibly exciting and something I had been looking forward to since the big bird was first flown 3 years ago.

Emirates are my favourite airline. They have routes everywhere I travel to (except Taiwan), their lounges are great, their staff well trained and they seem to have put more thought into the traveller’s experience coming first compared with their rivals. The lounge in Beijing Capital airport doesn’t let them down with the usual array of hot food, comfort and well stocked bar.

The most noticeable thing about being a business class passenger to start with is that you travel up an escalator in the terminal to separate you from the economy passengers that occupy the lower deck. The whole of the top of the aircraft is dedicated to first and business class passengers. I was directed to my window seat by attractive staff (another thing they have right! Don’t tell your mother I said that) and was surprise that is was just me and my cubicle – no seat next to me. Window-me-aisle. The cubicle has a little bar section on the non-window side that has soft drinks and snacks and the space underneath the tv screen in front lifts up for extra storage underneath (shoes, etc). You get a glass of champagne/juice when you sit down, the Emirates leather wash bag (stocked with bvlgari potions and the best freebie I’ve received from airlines) and noise-cancelling headphones.

Behind business and in front of first class is a bar area. This is the coolest thing I have seen on a plane – a fully stocked bar with staff there to mix whatever you like. As a test I ordered a martini and it was actually really good.

The rest of the service is the same as other business class services on Emirates – complete with 4 course meals, chocolates and smiles.

I would say that if you are travelling on your own it is fantastic. You are encapsulated in your own little world and it is a very comfortable one. If you are with someone then the set up is a bit too insular and other, more open plans are more sociable. I suppose you can always just head to the bar for a chat. D be interested to see how other airlines have kitted the A380 out.

At the time of writing this I’m in the nose cone of a KLM 747-300 heading from Schipol to Incheon airport in Seoul. The North Koreans are defying a UN demand that they don’t test fire a long range missile this week, so hopefully it won’t all escalate whilst I am there. I’ll write about my trip as usual.



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