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Quick trip to Hong Kong

Dear George

I haven’t been away for a while and was looking forward to coming to one of my favourite cities/countries/special autonomous regions, Hong Kong. Not because I like leaving you or your mother, but because going to the office every day for two months leaves me needing more, and for me that is travel, as work dictates.

Hong Kong in August is sticky. The air is thick and if you venture out during daylight without sticking to air conditioned shopping malls or subways your shirt is soon transparent with sweat. When I first arrived there was a typhoon clipping the edge of HK (your mother despairs, because every time I go away there seems to be some sort of natural or national disaster going on). The warning system goes from 1 to 3 and then straight to 8,which is when everything shuts down. I went out for dinner when it was at its greatest force and it wasn’t much to talk about. Sure,it was wet and windy, but I’m from England and that’s not worthy of panic if you ask me. Not sure what the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane is, but maybe it is that typhoons just aren’t as scary.

Why do I love Hong Kong? Everything is convenient and makes sense to me here. It is a British-influenced China, full of entrepreneurs from all over the world and there is something just so cool about it. I could live here happily, despite the crowding, despite the heat, despite the property prices – it is an Asian city with personality, originality and values I can appreciate.

I’m in the back of my Emirates limo on the way to the airport now, but this trip involved:

– Work, which was a bit of a disappointing, but not terrible
– A trip to discovery bay for dinner. This is a little haven on Lantau island where no cars are allowed (everyone drives golf carts, but there are a limited amount so they sell for the same price as a Ferrari) and people move here to have kids. I had a great seafood meal and watched the fireworks from Disneyland HK
– A night out in Lang Kwai Fong, the bar area of HK full of everyone who is there for the weekend. It’s amazing, but I feel a bit old for it
– Shopping at Jordan night market. Stalls and stalls of knock off goods and curiosities

Spoke to you a couple of times on Skype this week (I spoke, you did a gorilla impression, which was very good) but I can’t wait to see you in the flesh in 19 hours time.



Photos: barrow lady in hat, sushi express lunch and Yayoi Kusama’s window at Louis Vuitton on Nathan Road





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