Letters for my kids to read in the future, from around the world now

Run Asia continues: Bangkok and Hong Kong

Dear George,

I’ve just woken up on an Airbus A380 on my way home to you and your mum from Hong Kong via Dubai. I’m flying business and managed to sleep pretty much the entire (9 hour flight) like a baby. I love this plane.

This latest work trip was back to Bangkok for a week and then to Hong Kong for a week as there were two large exhibitions I had to attend as well as some other meetings. I stayed at Novotels (jokingly “Novo-hells) in both cities to try to be loyal and they weren’t too bad, apart from mosquitoes in the lobby in Bangkok and the pool being drained in Hong Kong. At least I get my points in.

I’m on a fitness regime at the moment, which started on January 1st. It involves:

1) Doing P90x for 90 days – this is a set of DVDs where you follow an American guy called Tony jump around, lift weights, do pull ups and strain through yoga. I’m a third of the way through and actually really enjoying it, but it’s pretty intense and time consuming.

2) Not drinking. I thought this would be hard for me, but turns out it isn’t. And I feel really good on it. My family think I’m weird though.

3) A diet that mainly involves eating healthily and avoiding white carbs. Again, if you told me I couldn’t eat bread I’d have thought it impossible, but it makes you experiment and try a lot of new stuff.

I’ve lost about a stone (7kg) in weight, although I don’t have goal, or even really any idea why I’m doing it. I think it is a reaction to the news that your mother is pregnant again with your brother or sister! I think I want to be a healthy dad so I go hell for leather at it. I tend to be all or nothing. He or she is due at the end of July so we’ll have double trouble and will probably need to buy some sort of mini van to transport you, him/her and your cousins around. It all feels very lovely.

I spoke to you on Skype a few times this trip and it is amazing how quickly your speech is coming on. You are two in three weeks. You can pretty much get your point across for anything you want and you are cheeky as hell. Last night you stirred pasta in your mum’s tea and told me there was a shark in there.

So what of Bangkok this time? I had plans to go the Thai boxing at Lumpini Stadium, see a snake park and even fire machine guns at the rifle range, but none of these came to fruition. Instead I went to some nice restaurants and did a morning run around Lumpini Park with a colleague, which was great and incredibly tiring in the heat. I went to a restaurant called Bed Supper Club which is in a really interesting structure. You sit on beds (free massages are available) for your dinner and are entertained in the central part of the restaurant by contemporary dancers. It was great. I had a night out with a colleague at “In the mood for love” which is a Japanese restaurant and some of the best food I have ever eaten. Afterwards we went to a pool hall and played a few sets with the women there who are ex-sex trade workers and also happen to be very good at pool.

In Hong Kong I feel I have been so many times it is hard to get motivated to see sights, so I did a morning run there to and ran half way up The Peak to Bowen Road fitness track and took in the views. That’s quite a few cities I’ve gone running in around the world now and it is a great way to get to know them and soak up atmosphere.

Looking forward to giving you a huge squeeze when I get home



Photos: bed supper club, Siam Square decorations, street art (all Bangkok), halfway through my run up the Peak in HK





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