Letters for my kids to read in the future, from around the world now

Who is Absent Father?

Work takes me all over the world.

I started writing this when my son was born so that he would know more about my time away, absent for short windows of time. I now have three kids and this is partly a travel journal for me, partly therapy and partly for them when they are grown up.

I was spurred into writing this blog after one moment: finding an old photo of my late grandpa. It was dated 1943 and was of him, standing proudly in front of India Gate in Delhi during WWII. I’d had a photo taken of me in an almost identical pose in front of the same monument just a few years prior to me finding the photo of my grandpa. The monument looks the same, we both have the same happy expression, but the world around us had changed dramatically. I realised that the world I’m experiencing is very different to the ones my kids will know in many ways, so I thought I should record it in some way. I’ve eaten goat with Saudi men in a tent outside Riyahd and I’ve tracked Rhino in Botswana. Would Saudi be such a different country to others when my boy is 40? Would rhino still exist?

My hope is that one day these ramblings will be an interesting read for my kids and for anyone else who is interested in travel.

I also do a bit of illustration for fun – check it out on Instagram @i_did_draw_something


Me and my youngest daughter, E


3 thoughts on “Who is Absent Father?

  1. most probably not. chronicle everything. some people will do everything to travel the world

  2. Hej, it was fun reading your blog about your travels. I nominated you for the Leibster Award. Read my post here:


    This is not spam :D. Hope you get time to reply to my post. Happy blogging!

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